Frequently asked questions about guppies & endlers livebearers
Frequently asked questions about guppies & endlers livebearers
Frequently asked questions about guppies & endlers livebearers
Frequently asked questions about guppies & endlers livebearers
frequently asked questions about guppies & endlers livebearers

   While going through search results I came across questions regarding guppies (Poecilia Reticulata) & endlers livebearers (Poecilia Wingei) and thought it would be good to answer some in my own words to help google help you.

What Do You Feed Your Guppies?
Our guppies and endlers are fed live brine shrimp, live daphnia, frozen brine shrimp, Spirulina 20 Fish Flake & various foods we try out all the time. All of our aquariums are fully planted with healthy algae and shrimp colonies which are supplying a constant food source if when required. Algae types such as spirulina and chlorella seem to produce healthier guppies & contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E and minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and iodine which are crucial for the physiology & health of the freshwater fish.

How Often Do You Do Water Changes?
It depends on the aquarium. If the water is clean and bio load can be consumed by plants at the same rate its being produced then the time in-between water changes can be drastically less often than a week. Is the water yellow without wood tannins or does it smell too fishy? Change it. 30% weekly seems to be what I shoot for but some aquariums need a water change every 2 weeks while more fully populated aquariums can need a water change every few days depending on bio load and biological compensation to overfeeding and waste created. Certain variations of fish seem to produce toxic water more quickly than others: specifically noticeable in certain strains of blonde guppies.

How do you breed your guppies?
All ways! A very simple system of selective & colony breeding depending on the circumstances and outcomes. In guess breeding to discover traits or selective breeding to unify traits; I use smaller aquariums. As for colony breeding: every lines eventual outcome; 20 gallons and greater are used. I have larger “cull” mutt tanks of 2 grades and have many experimental crosses going at any one time. I take the best and cross it with the best, repeat, repeat, repeat, until I have a super fish I would buy personally. I try to accommodate the females will to choose their own sexual mates by obsessive observation of their behavior and relationships. The colonies we ship were a chosen male and female observed for days to be courting and were caught in the same 2" net together easily. Guppies are way better at mating with other guppies than we are, in my opinion, and we should be very receptive to our fishes needs so that they have instinctual stake in their proliferation and the responsibilities that entail. I propose the ability to cross is what has kept these resilient genetic phenoms alive for hundreds of thousands of years. It is my experience opposites attract for a reason. Female guppies are looking for the new kid on the block who doesnt look like their brother! My breeding is heavily influenced by the natural lifestyle of wild endlers livebearers and wild guppy populations observed. Trying too hard to manipulate old genetics can end in ruin and inbreeding depression amongst you & your fish. My fish are vibrant with genetic material: Full. I try to keep my work unique to my own knowledge so that I can dissolve the information I gather more surely and better understand the species without bias, to come to my own conclusions without blind faith. I have done extra curricular studies with these fish regarding cymatics, the use of holy water and various mushrooms such as lions mane and others which may or may not be a contributing factor to incredible genetics I am able to get so often. Furthermore this all started when I would have visions of ridiculously beautiful guppies in my head before I would sleep and so I would wake up and try to make them happen based on what I remembered imagining as I was crossing into sleep.

How Do You Cull Your Guppies?
All of the guppies are selected or removed based on Colors, Shapes, Confidence, Reception & Immunity. For male Guppies I look more for dramatic colors, patterns, confidence, swag, mad props or any of that stuff. For females were looking for symmetrical body shapes but most especially superior fin structure and immunity to disease. 

What are the best water parameters for guppies?
Check out my guppy care sheet guide.

Can guppies and endlers live together?

How many guppies should be kept together?
A trio or more of guppies or endlers livebearers can be bred responsibly into the potential space of a 20 gallon aquarium or larger.

Are guppy fish easy to care for?
Guppies are reselient fish that are easier to care for the more basic fish keeping skills are practiced. While guppies are adaptable to water parameters, environments and experiences, success in guppy keeping depends ultimately on the level of servitude they receive.

Are guppies and endlers the same thing?
No. There are clear differences but intriguing similarities as there are amongst the entire Poeciliidae family. The rapid speed of their genetic evolution leads to questions of historical data and DNA test results. While they are mostly similar there are differences in genetics, size, shape, colors, patterns, movement and behavior between males, females and colony.

Can fancy guppies and endlers interbreed?
Yes, almost as if they've done it before.

How quickly will my fish be shipped?
Depending on what fish you order, when you order and where the fishes water change is at, what your local temperatures are, my local temperatures, and many other variables including first come first serve orders all coming at the same time; fish will be shipped within the week of order ASAP unless something else happened as I will assume is divine intervention or a total failure on my part. 

Why do I need a 20 gallon aquarium for breeding guppies?
Because guppies and endlers livebearers are very prolific breeders and will eventually overstock an aquarium however I find that the fish can find harmony in fry production within <20 gallon aquariums well whereas 10 gallons eventually become overstocked effecting the genetics, quality of life and growth of the fish proving not to be a good long term solution for a healthy guppy colony I could recommend.

How Long Do Guppies Live?
Ive had male and female guppies live suspiciously close to over 3 years but I would say the average is ~2 years depending on water, diet, genetics & care.

How many guppies can I fit in a 10 gallon?
When I use ten gallons its for 1-2 males and 2-5+ females until fry are dropped at which point the males are returned to their colony. The fry would then grow out until sexual maturity proves whether the line will be crossed again or solidified genetically.

How many Guppies Can I fit in a 20 Gallon?
Depending on the size of guppy or endler a reasonable estimation for maximum 20 gallon stocking numbers for guppies would be 7 males to 14 females for a total of ~21 guppies. This is for a very well aquascaped aquarium with a center piece rock giving the fish a 360 round about diffusing the direct line of site from many angles, flowing water and frequent water changes dependent on water quality as opposed to time lines we set on our standard of time.

How many guppies can I fit in a 5 gallon?
If you have fry they can grow out in a 5 gallon safely but no adult guppy colony will be content with this size aquarium forever without detriment and I do not think you are going to enjoy the fish as much this way.

What do guppies eat?
Guppies are opportunistic omnivores but algae is proven to be visibly advantageous for the species. The majority of the guppies and endlers diet is to be freshwater algae varieties of spirulina and chlorella coupled with the feeding of live food such as brine shrimp and daphnia. I do not personally recommend feeding worms or having them anywhere near your aquarium as the way worms are bred in captivity can be very dirty and full of biological weapons.

What is a guppy?
A guppy is an ancient type of reselient livebearing tropical freshwater fish from the warm nutrient dense waters of South America.

Can guppies live with bettas?
Yes. Should they? No. There are specific species of fish that go well with guppies, endlers and their water parameters such as Neocaridina Shrimp, Cory Cats & Kuhlli Loaches.

How big do guppies get?
Ive had male guppies get up to 2”-2.5” from head to tail fin tips and females up to around 3”.

Do guppies need a heater?
It depends on your home and the ambient average temperature of the room your fish are in. These tropical fish are designed to thrive in warm water and I find that 77°F - 82°F works best for my fish so if you keep your house at 80°F then I do not think you need a heater.

How long are guppies pregnant?
21-30 days, Call it a month.

How to tell if my guppy is pregnant?
She will have some obvious size around her later abdomen where you can visually look into her womb and see the fry at the stage they are at. The fry will usually have a peachy or yellow orange color in the rear of the abdomen before birth . When the eyes gain visible definition will be the greatest determination of how long until birth.

Do guppies lay eggs?
No, guppies and endlers livebearers are livebearing fish that are not egg layers.

Are guppies cannibalistic?
Make sure to it that your guppies thrive instead of survive by including proper frequent feedings, water changes and a well designed planted aquarium with adequate space and you will not experience cannibalism in captivity. My guppies are not cannibalistic and if when they are its not noticeable as every aquarium is loaded with fry that interact totally with all age groups within the aquarium. I have received guppies that were cannibalistic but within a month of proper feeding the guppies behaviors modified to its new reality. To begin correcting this issue I suggest overfeeding with more frequent water changes during times immediately before & after pregnancy with food particulates small enough to feed a fry mouth while also small enough to avoid certain detection of an adult guppy. Breaking the food up into smaller pieces in moving water keeps the adult guppies busier longer catching food so that the fry can receive food safely without crossing the path of a ravenous mother guppy busting her hump to produce the future. A healthy male to female ratio can also help as males keep females busy courting more often, giving fry less attention from females overall. Ive noticed this so often I truly believe its a universal family dynamic we share with the species. Female guppies are highly active & quite epic survivors and if their dietary needs are met there is no purpose for cannibalism in my experience. Albinos are an exception as they are very blind, many of them and require extra attention in comparison to other fish.

How often do you feed your guppies?
3-6 times a day what the fish can consume in 15-60 seconds while making sure fry and shrimp have access to food by putting into flowing water to be evenly distributed throughout the aquarium.

Do guppies need plants?
In order for your guppies to do what they have evolved for over 500,000 years to do instinctually, they need live plants & algae. I highly recommend Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagei) as its beautiful and universal design make it a superior aquarium plant in every fashion.

Where are you located?
Las Vegas NV, shipping anywhere within the USA.

Do you ship internationally?
I have not met with any transhippers in my area but im sure it can be done but definitely not for a small order as the risk of ruin is higher and requires much more work than standard shipping in the USA. I have been contacted from people from Hawaii but unless you have a permit to receive the fish in shipping, the fish will be kept by customs and have a high probability of certain death due to the slow bureaucratic process of protecting earth from herself.

Where do you get your guppies from?
I have received guppies from many people but If I were to recommend other breeders in the USA it would be Alan Bias, D Grey, Live Fins and from Thailand, Ancient Guppy Farm. There are others I know must be good but not for the types of rare and exotic looking guppies I am interested in. These breeders are in American water & produce the original types of fish I am personally interested in as, opposed to buying cheap and selling high from overseas. I have not purchased guppies from twin cities because its not my style of guppy but im sure they are also good as they have been sponsored by great entities such as aquarium co-op.

Why do the prices change on your guppies?
It depends on the quality of the guppies available and its my way of communicating what line is blooming.

How much is shipping?
20$ flat rate combined shipping : free shipping on orders over $111.11

What lights do you use?
As of 2022 I think Hygger’s 24/7 LED lights are the best bang for the buck. 24/7 is a huge advantage and relieves the stress of turning on and off lights while giving the guppies a real sense of time. Ive had some of them for over a year now without any issues and believe they annihilated finnex, fluval & current on price, quality & simplicity in the 24/7 category IMO.

If you had to choose one food to feed your guppies what would it be?
Spirulina 20.

How often do you test your aquariums water?
To be honest I will test my water at the time of changing filtration systems and then forget about it unless there is a reason. I have an experienced system that works for me and I do not need to test my water very often because I know what the equations are for mineral content in the water and a history of what the guppies approved and disapproved of, etc.

What type of filters do you use in your aquariums?
Plants and bubble filters. The smaller the filter the better IMO and the plants, shrimp and snails do all the hard work. Water flow is needed but these are not salmon fish jumping up waterfalls against 7 knott currents. Slow modest currents prove to be most beneficial in my experience.

What brand of heater do you use for your aquariums?
They are all designed to be easily broken therefore I use a cheap uniclife one and just accept I will have to replace it within 2 years while also keeping an eye on it for wear and tear. When they are going bad its visible at the bottom behind the glass within the heater so when it looks bad, its because it is. Turn it off and get a new one.

What temperature do you keep your guppies?
77-82°F works very well for me however I am aware of using temperature, ph and water changes to kill disease and seasonally change parameters as to make it difficult for parasites, disease and bacterias to become super stabilized in my aquariums. 

Favorite color?

How many Endlers livebearers should be kept together?​
At least 1 male and 1 female is minimum. 2 males 5 females is better and everything above that is best. These fish are entirely social and do best in high sustainable numbers.

Are endlers livebearers aggressive?
lol no, super chill.

What is the prettiest freshwater fish?
The guppies & endlers livebearers in Nice Poeci's fish room are the prettiest freshwater fish in the world.

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