Water Parameters

GH : Medium to Hard Water ; 400-700 PPM TDS

Temp : 72°- 77° F

PH : 7.2 - 7.7
*I use Remineralized Hard RO Water*


Heavily Planted
20 gallon freshwater aquarium or greater is recommended because of the prolific breeding.

Recommended Light Brands
Hygger / Finnex / Current  / Fluval


Live Brine Shrimp
Spirulina & Chlorella Fish Flake
How Much To Feed Your Guppies

Water Changes
Weekly 30-50% depending on bio load and water conditions. Most of all the condition of the fish.
Trace Minerals


* Before placing fish in your freshwater aquarium please make sure to acclimate them to your water using a separate container by slowly adding your aquariums water to the water they shipped in: also known as "drip acclimation". Of most importance is to test for PH, GH, KH, & Temperature of the water you receive them in so you know how much of a difference between your tested water they need to acclimate to.

These Fish Are Worshipped

Please Make Sure to Meet these Requirements to Avoid the endler guppy fish being unhappy, shocked, sick,
uncolored and ultimately unwilling to live and procreate.

Please Check Out This Documentary on The Memory Of H2O

Feel free to ask any questions about guppies, endlers and planted aquariums

Thank You Very Much For Your Interest!