Simple Guppy & Endler Care Sheet Guide

Our Aquariums Water Parameters

GH: General Hardness
Medium to Hard Water
Remineralized 400-800 PPM TDS

from ~30 TDS Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water + Aquarium Salt.

73°- 83°F
The median air 
temperature of South America is 86°F.
The median air temperature of Cumana Region of Venezuela is 82.5°F.


Everything Slow With Relentless Consistency.


Planted 20 gallon aquarium or greater is recommended for long term guppy keeping.
Plants like christmas moss are required for raising guppy fry and neocaridina shrimp in communities.

Recommended Filtration:
Bubble Filter

Recommended Lights:

Hygger / FinnexFluval


Brine Shrimp
Daphnia Magna
Spirulina 20 & Various Revolving Foods
Algae contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E and minerals such as
potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium etc, critical for the physiology of the fish.
Freshwater-to-marine transitions may explain the evolution of herbivory in the subgenus Mollienesia (genus Poecilia, mollies and guppies)
Vitamin C Deficiency Disease in Fish
How to Feed Guppies

Spirulina based fish flake 3–6 times daily what the fish can devour in 15-60 seconds with occurrences throughout the week of live or frozen brine shrimp/daphnia while offering consistent natural food sources within the aquarium such as algae and small sized food for easy digestion and accessibility to fry safely.

Water Changes:
Weekly 20-50% depending on bio load and water
conditions but mostly the condition of the fish.
Trace Minerals

* Before placing fish in your freshwater aquarium please make sure to acclimate them to your water using a separate container by slowly adding your aquariums water to the water they shipped in: also known as "drip acclimation". Test for PH, GH, KH, & Temperature of the water you receive them as well as the your water so you know the difference in time and minerals required for acclimation.

Importance of multiple mating in guppies

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These Fish Are Worshipped

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