Albino Emerald Zebrinus Double Swordtail Guppy @ Nice Poeci

Albino Emerald Double Swordtail Guppy

   These gorgeous double swordtail guppies for sale range colors from green, pink, purple, yellow and blue with SPECTACULAR iridescence, beautiful red eyes, a sweet demeanor and lifestyle. It would seem their vision is not the best and some may even be blind from birth as well as equipped with a generally weaker immune system. Because of the attention they deserve I would not categorize this line as a beginners. Its totally doable and worth every second but they require more attention and design than your classic guppers.

   Very rare - super special guppies & wonderful addition to any fish room.

Guppy Care Sheet

Water Parameters
GH : Medium to Hard Water ; 400-700 PPM TDS
Temp : 73°- 79° F
PH : 7.2 - 7.8

Recommended Tank Mates:
Cherry Shrimp, Kuhli Loach, Corydora Catfish, Otocinclus, Small Species of Plecostomus, Snails, Guppies, Endlers Livebearers and Generally Any Other Peaceful Freshwater Fish.

Unacceptable Tank Mates:
Bettas, Cichlids, Dwarf Frogs, Ghost Shrimp, Mollies, Platy's, Ghourami, Rainbowfish