Cherry Shrimp For Sale (Neocaridina Davidi)

Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina Davidi)


These Cherry Shrimp for sale must be the greatest cleanup crew ever. Neocaridina Davidi are prolific, peaceful and essential element to any planted freshwater aquarium. Nothing in the world is better than when they get their slap on in fist fights (insert heavy metal music). They are incredible for algae problems as they will mow over it the same way a lawn mower or goat does - giving the algae a very clean appearance to be left alone or easily removed manually. They are less demanding being a Neocaridina variety than many other Caridina shrimp and can thrive in much harder water that is suitable for Poecilia. Baby shrimp come by the hundreds, offering a live natural food source that keeps on giving if need be. There is no aquarium I own that a shrimp is absent. Clearly a match made in heaven between guppies & shrimp.

Water Parameters:
GH : Medium to Hard Water ; 200-500 PPM TDS
Temp : 72°- 77° F
PH : 7.2 - 7.8

Recommended Tank Mates:
Guppies, Endlers Livebearers, Otocinclus Catfish, Corydora CatfishClown Plecostomus, Kuhli Loach & Freshwater Snails.