Christmas Moss for sale

Christmas Moss (Vesicularia Montagne)

This Christmas Moss for sale (Vesicularia Montagne) is a prolific type of freshwater aquarium plant & can also be found throughout Australia, Brazil, Thailand, India, Japan, and the Philippines but can be found in freshwater planted aquariums all across the world. Christmas Moss is probably the most versatile freshwater plant you can have in the aquarium due to its ability to grow freestanding or in substrate while growing vertically and horizontally into a beautiful bush where with proper aquascaping the moss will literally grow upwards pyramidally into christmas tree shapes with christmas tree arms. It can be attached to rock or driftwood very easily or just let it do its thing and it will carpet your entire freshwater aquarium. It takes most of its minerals from the water through its arms and stems and is a great water filter by design.

 Christmas Moss is a freshwater aquarium go to plant since it catches uneaten food to be stored for your fish and shrimp to comb over later while providing a great barrier and hiding spot for fry and shrimp. This freshwater moss for sale is truly an awesome addition to any and all planted freshwater aquariums at any level.

pH: 6-8
GH: Medium to Hard
Care: Easy - Beginner
Light: Low - Medium
Co2 : Not Needed