duckweed for sale

Duckweed (Lemna Minor)

This Duckweed (Lemna Minor) For Sale is a very beautiful floating aquatic plant that puts in work in any freshwater aquarium. Being an extremely faster grower, it offers a very consistent (lol) food source for everything in the aquarium. It must taste good because many types of fish will eat it and especially larger freshwater snails spend their entire day running up the glass to get to a nice piece to swallow. Its condition, size & replication rate will tell you alot about your water parameters. If you have a mineral deficiency in your water, it will turn brown and stop replicating. Because it replicates so quickly, taking its nutrition straight form the water, it acts as a great natural nitrate buffer. They belong to the smallest family of plants on the planet and are extremely beautiful when they get caught in the flow of your filter, creating a slow snowing effect that is very relaxing to watch. They do have small roots extending towards the bottom of the aquarium which offer a safe haven for fry & fish towards the top of your aquarium. They are a must have for any pond as well as they offer protection from direct sunlight and a clear visual from predators. Not to mention, koi absolutely live on the stuff. This has to be the hardiest freshwater aquatic plant in the world. Duckweed will literally grow in any aquarium with any light at any temperature. If you are unable to grow this plant- I do not want you buying my fish - please leave my website now and stop pouring bleach & toothpaste into your aquarium.

Temperature : 32°-120°F
GH: Any will do
PH : Duckweed says never heard of her
Light : Any will do
Ease of Care : Easiest