Jungle Val For Sale (Valisneria Americana)

Jungle Val (Vallisneria)

This Jungle Val For Sale ( Vallisneria ) is a prolific freshwater plant that serves as a fabulous hide out for fish, fry and shrimp as well as the best aquarium decor mother nature has to offer. It spreads by sending runners from the parent plant and daisy chains across your aquarium like a weed, carpeting in nearly any aquatic substrate at all growing very quickly. After years of trying every freshwater plant I could get my hands on, this freshwater aquatic plant has never let me down. Valisneria can be attached to driftwood quite easily & will do it regardless naturally by itself. Jungle Val thrives in water parameters suitable to all guppies & endlers water parameters, prefering harder more alkaline water. Whats especially incredible is its ability to grow to its alloted aquarium size. If in a 5 gallon aquarium and it will grow slowly and stay small. In a larger aquarium ive seen it grow 4-6' feet long. Something that isn’t seen often in the aquarium is their flowering and seed production. Vallisneria produce male and female plants. The female plants produce flowers that float on the water surface, and the male plants produce hundreds of flowers under water that, when released, float to the surface. You will notice these clusters of floating female plants, which they pollinate. After pollination the female plant produces the seeds unlike most plants in the world.

   Its everything you could ask for from a live aquarium plant & holds a special place in the freshwater planted aquarium hobby for good reason. Highly Recommended for any fish keeper at any level involved in planted aquariums.

pH: 6.5 - 9
GH: Any 
Care Level: Very Easy - Beginner
Light : Any
Co2 : Not Needed