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Daphnia Magna Culture

This Live Daphnia Magna culture for sale is to create your own consistent source of live food to feed your freshwater fish. Daphnia are an exceptional live food with numerous benefits. Feeding freshwater fish daphnia improves fish morale, promotes mating, eradicates shy behavior and can supply live fish food all year long with a little practice.  Daphnia multiply ten times every 7 days or so with good keeping, providing an abundant source of protein rich live fish food for any type of freshwater fish. Truly an incredible species by themselves laying over 100 eggs every 3 days and living up to 90 days. A biological testament to the circle of life.

How To Culture Daphnia

How To Feed Daphnia

Things I Feed My Daphnia :
Bakers Yeast      Spirulina + Chlorella Tablets          

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