mutt guppies for sale @ Nice Poeci

Mutt Guppies

   "Mutt", "assorted", "fancy tail", common guppies, and guppy fish are highly popular generic terms probably coined by petsmart on the price tag where people may originally see it. These guppy fish for sale are random hybrids of endlers and other guppies that will occasionally create some awesome guppy endler varieties. I hand select the best ones with males and females to be shipped and these may or may not breed true depending on how they were selected and the female stage of sexual development at the time of shipping. Every line of guppies and endlers livebearers found on Nice Poeci is in this freshwater aquarium. These fish are very interesting to observe over the months with all of their potentials. They can be found at various local fish shops around Las Vegas NV and are the heart of my exotic guppy fish room.

Handpicked: 4 Males + 4 Females

Guppy Care Sheet

Water Parameters
GH : Medium to Hard Water ; 400-700 PPM TDS
Temp : 73°- 79° F72°- 77° F
PH : 7.2 - 7.8

Recommended Tank Mates:
Cherry Shrimp, Kuhli Loach, Corydora Catfish, Otocinclus, Small Species of Plecostomus, Freshwater Snails, Guppies, Endlers Livebearers and Generally Any Other Peaceful Freshwater Fish.

Unacceptable Tank Mates:
Bettas, Cichlids, Dwarf Frogs, Ghost Shrimp, Mollies, Platy's, Ghourami, Rainbowfish