Rare Guppies For Sale | Tetradic Multi Color Double Swordtail Guppies

Tetradic Double Swordtail Guppy

   These Tetradic Double Swordtail Guppies for sale come with white, red, green, pink, purple, yellow, orange and blue colorations on the body with a mixed color dorsal and exageratted orange double swordtails. They are part of an ongoing breeding project I have with this line I created from crossing the lower swordtail vienna guppies with the emerald swordtail variety. The colors on them are reminiscent of a 1990's sportbike paintjob or 1980's surfboard. The color of these swordtail guppies is Very much the colors of a hilighter marker set. They are highly active and friendly as a guppy but are also part endler : more the size of a guppy with the behavior of an guppy endler hybrid, as they are. Would be especially great for a children's aquarium because of their personality and bright colors.

Guppy / Endler Care Sheet

Water Parameters
GH : Medium to Hard Water ; 400-700 PPM TDS
Temp : 73°- 79° F°
PH : 7.2 - 7.8

Recommended Tank Mates:
Cherry Shrimp, Kuhli Loach, Corydoras Catfish, Otocinclus catfish, Small Species of Plecostomus, Snails, Guppies, Endlers Livebearers and Generally Any Other Peaceful Freshwater Fish that will not compete for territory or food.

Unacceptable Tank Mates:
Bettas, Cichlids, Dwarf Frogs, Ghost Shrimp, Mollies, Platy's, Ghourami, Rainbowfish