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   Our Fancy Guppies For Sale (Poecilia Reticulata) & Exotic Endlers Livebearers (Poecilia Wingei) also known as "fancy guppies", "fancy guppie" and "fancy guppy" are all unique members of the ancient Poecilia genus which are all types of resilient livebearing freshwater & saltwater fish that have existed on planet earth for over 500,000 years. Although the fancy guppies & endlers livebearers in our planted aquariums have more in common than they do differences, there are distinctions in body shape, size, colors, patterns, movement & behavior between males, females and respective colonies. Despite these fishy variances fancy guppies & endlers livebearers both share a peaceful community pet fish demeanor, prolific nature, vast genetics, variety of colors, patterns, fancy tail shapes, and complex social behaviors comparable in ways to ants, canines and humans. These fancy tail guppies and endlers livebearers are lit & will have your freshwater aquarium extra fancy in no time! Order live fancy guppy fish online from and find out about your favorite guppy shop today, seriously. We offer a select variety of live fancy guppie fish with ridiculous swag included to complete indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds! With all of these exotic observable qualities, it's easy to see why fancy guppies & exotic endlers livebearers are the most popular tropical freshwater fish to keep, breed, buy & sell online in this solar system today bla bla bla fancy guppies.