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Our Guppies For Sale (Poecilia Reticulata) also known as Guppy Fish, Fancy Guppies, Wild Guppies & Million fish / Endlers
Livebearers (Poecilia Wingei) are both a prolific type of tropical freshwater aquarium pet fish that belong to the Poecilia
family. Though they have more in common than they do differences, there are differences in body shape, size and even behavior. But dont tell the guppies that, as hybrids occur in the fish hobby as well as in the wild since these species can interbreed with out issue.

Their friendly demeanor, prolific breeding, ease of care & beautiful colors, patterns and complex social constructs 
make guppies and endlers a 
pleasure to have pet aquarium fish for families and freshwater aquariums across the planet.

Using the most effective and tedious forms of selective line breeding.
Advanced harmonic freshwater purification including remineralized reverse osmosis & holy water.
Balanced natural super food diets, heavily planted aquascaped aquariums 
& All the Love and Attention a Guppy Fish Deserves.

You Can Be Confident that Our Rare Guppies For Sale Are Among the Best In the World.

Most guppies for sale in your local fish shop were received in the mail. This adds an unnecessary stressful step and sometimes deadly acclimation period to an often diseased pet shop aquarium by the time they reach your aquarium. Our rare guppies for sale should not have to endure such stress before they reach their forever home. By Ordering your Rare Guppies and Endlers Livebearers online from a reputable exotic freshwater fish breeder that cares and specializes, you save your beloved poecilia the stressful hardships and deadly tribulations
of the pet shop holding tank! 

Buy exotic freshwater fish directly from your favorite breeders &

Have the rare guppy you wanted the First time, from a
True Friend in the Hobby. 

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